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Manually double spray gun(Nanometer Spray Painting )
2011-09-28 Click Times:

Manually double gun in nano-plating industry is essential for professional spray gun, in the end its charm where. Today to introduce manually double gun design features, product performance and application.

Design features:

Manually double by two gas lance tube entry working air access, the set pressure value a prerequisite, entered Barrel tubing is provided as a spray nozzle 2 with power. In the regulation of a good gun, adjustable valves are now connected to the open state, liquid line through the gun's head into the nozzle, the air pressure driven spray gun body, starting at the outside of the gun mix. When the injection pressure encountered during large, the excess pressure through the pressure relief valve into the air. After use, the valve will immediately close the pressure, using a reflux time of liquid to the liquid storage means, does not drip down from the tip to achieve maximum utilization of resources.

Double gun biggest feature is double, two heads can be discharged separately and nano different chemical reactions paint spraying, paint in the external hybrid ensure the reaction between the pair of gun body itself damage. Same time in different formulations which can always use its features multi-component mixing, the current market, there have been like three, four guns. So multi-component spraying is not a problem in the near future.

Product expansion:

In the two-component paint gun under the premise that our outlook to long guns, three guns, four guns, the more combinations of chemical spraying, will be used more, composed of the gun difficult to complete before the completion of the chemical combination spraying, spraying a chemical reaction.

General Application:

1, two component spray: Furniture PE paint spraying, silver mirror coating.

2, precision color spraying

3, the ratio of the liquid mixture spraying

4, color mixing ratio spraying machine

5, mobile phone shell plating

6, art, Buddhism product surface plating

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