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Release agent spray gun
2011-09-28 Click Times:

Product Description:

Very light weight, suitable for prolonged use, excellent workmanship, to avoid leakage and other problems often, adjustable knob can adjust the size of the flow and atomization, material savings, compact and lightweight, comfortable feel. Spray release agent is a very good choice;

Design features:

Special compact design and low viscosity for spraying fluid miniaturization (Example: release agents, mold release agents, etc.), combined with sophisticated air atomizing nozzle needle and cap to provide the best atomization effect, especially for the mold release agent ultra-smooth surface coating. This lightweight gun widely thermoplastics and foundry industry favorite, short gun and dual feed pipe conveying fluid atomizing air in the grip materials, the use of comfortable light and agile. Shall comply with the latest regulations no CFCs are used only as a release agent spraying fluid.

Product performance:

Micro-spray, saving a lot of paint and reduce construction cost, easy to use, enabling workers to the duration of operation.

Nozzle: 0.3,0.5,0.8 mm;

Paint maximum pressure: 4 bar;