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        Zhishangtools Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. wholesale distribution of various types of manual and automatic spray guns, various types of painting accessories and pneumatic tools-selling consumer market, enjoy a high status among consumers, with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations.

The full range of distribution company, the price is reasonable. Chong Hao Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. strength, credit, defends the contract, to ensure product quality, operating characteristics of many varieties and the principle of small profits, win the trust of our customers. More enterprises to make use of the best products of the coating to achieve the best results. The company set up a special after-sales team to solve a series of problems for our customers.

Corporate culture: integrity, innovation, service
Man Germany for the first, faith is fundamental; innovation is not only an excellent working methods, but also a remarkable faith in life; customer value in mind, the services to create value.

We are willing to grow together with all partners, share growth value.

Innovation and excellence Chi Shang

We are committed to the coating industry, the pursuit of customer first. Premise increase environmental protection industry, and constantly improve product humane performance.

At the same time we improve the appearance of the process to make it function better, more practical. Painting tools to provide customers with the most comprehensive platform of choice. In order to improve the service, we spray gun performance control, including the liquid flow rate, gas flow, measured data for each gun, fuel consumption, air consumption you choose for your gun, suitable jobs program, to allow customers to use rest assured that is our greatest achievement.

ZHISHANGTOOLS painting assistant allows you to do what you want! More do you dream to be!

Enterprise Talent Concept
The company attaches great importance to the building of human resources, inviting all corners of the country Xiancai, employees are the most valuable asset. We are well aware, selfless dedication and efforts of each employee is to promote the greatest force of progress and development of the company. Our staff is young and full of hope that the collective, and we look forward to the best people with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity of join Friends Bangyi, and join us to meet the opportunities and challenges. Our core values: honesty, integrity, respect for others and work together to create ". The company so that employees, customers, honest, trustworthy and respect at the same time, it also requires every employee to be as honest, trustworthy and respected. We respect every employees from different cultural backgrounds, and provide them with a good, safe working conditions, and training and development opportunities.
The company encourages every employee to make constructive comments and suggestions to improve the performance of the company involved in the development of the company. The company's success depends on the cooperation of all the staff of the team, to the concerted efforts and the full contribution.
We have consistently advocated the humane management of our human resources development work always adhere to the "respect for people, train people, achievements" talent philosophy, adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, the growth of talent and competition to create a "fair, just, open atmosphere, the establishment of a respect for talent, nurture talent and give full play to their potential mechanisms to protect the business development and growth and to achieve the maximum value of the individual's perfect harmony and unity.
No best, only better, and our excellent team for you to join us and more outstanding. We look forward to your attention, the Friends Bangyi look forward to joining you.

Business philosophy:
Customer demand for the center, based on customer demand, customer demand as the starting point. Provide excellent products and provide quality services.