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ZHISHANGTOOLS Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. wholesale all kinds of manual and automatic spray guns and pneumatic tools, best-selling consumer markets, enjoy a high status among consumers, the company has a long-term stable cooperative relations with a number of retailers and agents. Chong Ho Hardware Machinery Co., distribution of the range, the price is reasonable. Chong Ho Hardware Machinery Co., strong, credit, keep the contract to ensure product quality, operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover of the more varieties, won the trust of our customers.
Professional selling all kinds of painting accessories, and professional customers to solve system problems, and is committed to the belief of customers first. The industries involved, including e-textile and household appliances ........ almost all industries are inseparable from the surface treatment, surface treatment coating industry for large. In order to enable more businesses to use the best paint products, to achieve the best results. The company was established a dedicated after sales team to solve a series of problems for our customers.

Our main Iwata spray gun, manual two-headed spray gun, nano-spray gun, plastic nozzles, mold release agents, spray gun, metal fan nozzle full range of coating products, sufficient to meet customer requirements. Welcome to the new and old customers coming to order!