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Nano (silver mirror) spraying a few gun ...
Author: zhishangtools  Click Times:   Add Time: 2012-12-21

The first spray gun: Manual stud gun, as the name implies double-headed two nozzles, cross-linking spraying through the outside of the two chemicals combined reaction, so manually stud nano spray gun is the most important gun. Nano-plating is to rely on the principle of the silver mirror reaction, the two chemicals mixed reactions. Thereby forming a bright silver layer. Therefore, the effect of nano-plating looks bright than other processes. The reason why there stud gun of the present invention, is because some residual substances in the chemical reaction, it will be very easy to plug the gun head. So ejected when the gun will effect, and it is easy to damage the gun itself, solid expect external mixing. Greatly reducing the process cost.

The second spray gun: Blowing dust gun, ordinary blow gun, and sometimes can also be below the topcoat and primer spray gun instead - Iwata spray gun (w-71, w-77 ...).

The third spray gun: primer spray gun, conventional ordinary general purpose paint spray gun - Iwata manual spray gun.

The fourth spray gun: finish gun, conventional ordinary general purpose paint spray gun - Iwata manual spray gun.

Fifth bar  spray gun: SK or activators gun, name many but remember that this gun is used to spray activator in a chemical reaction, most still require an activator, in a short period of time to complete the reaction, so we used Also this is very corrosive, so we used gun manufacturing material is stainless steel. Now unlike the gun as is all stainless steel, inlaid stainless steel inner core only in the liquid contact. Or other gun lightweight. No need to worry about the operator too tame.