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Nano-plating show customers a simple device.
Author: admin  Click Times:   Add Time: 2013-06-02

Recent customer research a simple nano-plating equipment, I see very practical, now out for everyone to share, four guns all set. Now the pictures posted for everyone to see, eva luate the practical value of this device.

Nano-plating simple equipment

I think that in the experimental stage we can also learn from our customers as such, to assemble their own equipment, the cost does not take much in the early stages of exposure to new technologies, we can pass this method to explore its quality and practicality.

The graph we can see that four of the same size storage material pressure tanks, four pneumatic gun and some small parts, which we ourselves can do it, as long as the purchase of medicine to cross the border, then we erupted products are generally is no problem.

So as long as they truly understand who, what will become simple, even mysterious nano-plating. You can also see the following to make their own products.

  Nano-plating car renderings