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Respiratory protection must be used when painting a few big reasons!
Author: admin  Click Times:   Add Time: 2013-06-02

In many populations can often hear a lot of use of respiratory protective devices are not many excuses:

            1 day, 5 to 10 minutes I only paint job;

            2, I have been working for 10 to 15 years, and now there is no problem;

            3, we are baking room spray, and there is no danger;

            4, we use a harmless water-based paint;

            5, respiratory protective equipment and some special filters, very expensive;

            6, respiratory protective equipment interfere with my construction.


       Although the above excuses the roads reasoned, but after reading the following respiratory protection must be used when painting a few big reason why you do not think so:

            1, paint manufacturers recommend: Even in a well-ventilated room or a short spray paint work should wear respiratory protective equipment;

            2, damage to health will not immediately apparent, if after 15 to 20 years before they show up, usually difficult to cure;

            3, the user has the same water-based paint hazards;

            4, the United States and Europe are required by law to wear respiratory protection devices;

            5, there is always spray paint mist generation, even with efficient spray gun;

            6, relative to the loss of health and labor, the respiratory protective equipment is always cheap.


       See here, we should be aware of the importance of respiratory protection; Therefore, the "spray paint, do not put the body when the filter! "This is to say the paint harm our bodies, they will let you know more when spraying should pay attention to their body some protective measures....